A Cross-Cutting Initiative

The Decent Work in Fisheries Initiative is a global study of trends in violations of ILO Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work (No. 87, 98, 29, 105, 138, 182, 100, and 111) and Decent Work (ILO C188) in marine wild capture fisheries. This work is led by a world-class group of experts, and will provide a fundamental basis for future efforts to assess the correlation between overfishing and a range of labor issues faced by workers at sea.



This initiative is generously supported by the Packard foundations and the Nippon Foundation Ocean Nexus Center.






Our Organizations

Our initiative brings together collaborators from a diverse set of organizations.

Conservation International

Minderoo Foundation

Global Fishing Watch

University of California, Santa Barbara

Seafood Watch

University of Nottingham, Rights Lab

Ocean Nexus Center, University of Washington

Our Crew